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Spy Cameras

These are an important component of covert surveillance system and are widely popular among private detectives, journalists, crime investigators and the likes. They are small, yet powerful enough to capture good quality images of the people being watched. The most important feature of spy cameras is that they can be hidden from the public eyes. There are cameras that can be camouflaged in the guise of pen, clock, watch, tie, book, sun glasses and a number of other common household objects.

One feature that distinguishes spy cameras from other types of video surveillance cameras is their portability. Their light weight and sleek design allow users to carry them along while on the move and record things as and when required. Most spy cameras come with recorders that also let you record voices along with images captured by the device. There are night vision spy cameras that work perfectly in dark also. For many, wireless option is preferable than the wired system because of the convenience the former offers to its users.

Spy cameras and several other spy gadgets are now available in India also with companies offering a wide range of options for home security and other surveillance requirements. There are spy cam in pen, night vision spy camera, pen camera recorder, radio clock camera, spy camera glasses, detectors, body worn cameras and many more to choose from according to your particular need. Most of the systems are compatible with and can easily be hooked up to TV, Camcorder, DVR, VCR and similar household objects.

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