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Speed Dome Camera
In present days the companies and organizations have become more conscious about their security so the surveillance systems have gained a huge importance. Surveillance is the monitoring of behaviors and it includes simple, relatively no or low technology methods such as direct observation, observation with binoculars, cameras, CCTVs, postal interception, or similar methods. Many organizations today want to shore up the safety and security of their employees, visitors and students as well as their premises and assets so they are seeking for innovative, affordable alternatives that deliver rapid and appropriate responses to crimes or emergencies that may arise. CCTVs, Digital cameras and IP interfaces are being used for longer retention periods at higher resolution.                       


The Speed Dome Camera is an example of this new technology of surveillance systems. A range of speed dome cameras and camcorders for a variety of applications is present in the market today. These high speed dome cameras have been used in Remote Imaging. The remote imaging is often useful to place a compact camera where a larger-bodied camera cannot be operated easily. For example, on the roof of a weather centre or in a remote part where visitors are not permitted. Besides this these cameras are also used in Computer Imaging. These cameras are ideal for remote monitoring of business/industrial activities and leisure pursuits. Whenever an incident occurs, high quality images of these high speed dome cameras are important.

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