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Proximity Card Reader

The Proximity Card Reader is compatible with:

  • Estate Swing
  • Apollo
  • Zareba
  • Most other gate openers
  • Most electric door strikes

Proximity Card Reader Accessory Uses

The proximity card reader is great for any secure access area. Businesses and residential areas alike will enjoy the speed and convenience of proximity cards. The device maybe used with gate openers, garage door openers, electric locks, electric door strikes, and other electronically controlled access devices.

"The proximity card reader and keypad is a great installment for any gate or door that is going to be used in a situation where a lot of people will be coming in and out and you want the convenience of not having everyone type in a code.
It is a great advantage to buy your employees proximity cards over remotes and they will appreciate the convenience of simply swiping a card by the face. And with a keypad as well, the guests to the property that do not have cards will still have access through a code if you choose to give them one.
The keypad was designed by a manufacturer that works closely with solar products so they have made sure to keep the energy consumption to a minimum; making this keypad a great choice for solar applications.
We take great pride in knowing our accessories and understanding how they work. The Proximity card reader/keypad has been thoroughly tested by myself and our team and meets our high standards for recommended accessories."


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