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Digital Video Recorder

Digital video recorder available in PC based card or Non PC based DVR Standalone. Designed in accordance to international quality norms, we offer premium quality DVR. This is a device that records video without videotape to a hard drive-based digital storage medium. The term includes stand-alone set-top boxes and software for personal computers which enables video capture and playback to and from disk. The other advantage being that we can also have the recording done using a DVR in the hard disk of the computer for up to 1 month or more depending on the requirement of the client.

Digital Video Recorder Card (PC based):
We at TVSS also offer premium quality DVR card, that is easy to install and operate PCI based digital video recorder. This unit records live video data onto the hard drive or network drive. Our PC-based DVR card comes with an 120 gig hard drive except for the 32 channel system which comes with a 250 gig hard drive. They also include the software for setup, local, and remote viewing and documentation.

Designed in accordance to international quality standards, it is provided with smart search capability, which allows one to highlight one area of a captured image and look for changes just to that area. Our low cost DVD card gives all the abilities that one would want from viewing, recording, remote internet view. It is typically one circuit board with simple software burned into the chip and is extremely stable and reliable since they contain fewer parts. The software is often written in basic machine code or Linux code which tends to be more stable than Windows software.

DVR Standalone (Non PC based) :

Provided with 4-16 sensor input and 1-4 alarm output, we offer optimum quality DVR standalone that is featured with schedule and sensor detection recording and have the ability to record in individual video channel format or quad format. It record video input from the Security Camera/CCTV connected to this Unit and also provide rock-solid, easy-to-use performance which makes it ideal for multi-camera law enforcement, industrial, commercial, and individual applications.


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